North West

The Council is seeking the help of local residents, businesses and other stakeholders to develop the vision for this new community. To do that we want to hear your priorities and ideas for this site. 

From January 2020 to March 2020 we'll be offering plenty of ways for you to get involved. Your feedback will help to shape the Masterplan.

Indicative Masterplan Timeline

What is a Masterplan?

A Masterplan is a planning document that outlines a vision to guide growth and development of an area. It isn’t a detailed design or planning application, but is: 


  • A document that sets out how a particular area could develop and in the future

  • A high-level plan that sets out objectives and strategies to manage development and change over time 

  • A process that defines what is important about a place and how its character and quality can be protected and improved.

If you have any questions about the North West Harpenden Masterplan please get in touch 

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St Albans City and District Council is working with the landowners and applicants at this site in North West Harpenden to develop a Masterplan in consultation with the community and local stakeholders.This site is one of eleven broad locations identified.

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